Picture of Last Night - the SuperMoon over Seattle

Picture of Last Night – the SuperMoon over Seattle


Last night was another SuperMoon, a phenomenon where our lone natural satellite appears bigger (16% last night) than normal. I shot this picture with no tripod in the wind, after lots of different tries with different settings (with light Photoshop editing). I’m not not much of a pro, but do have fun trying.

Here are other tries (with light Photoshop editing)..




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Picture of Today 7/22/14

Picture of Today 7/22/14


Hello San Francisco!

Just a hallway stop, before my arrival in San Diego.

I miss the Bay Area. I grew up here, with many fond memories.

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Picture of Today - Fire Cherries

Picture of Today – Fire Cherries


Not really called fire cherries. I just named them that.

The sign nearby read Gilbert’s FINEST TREE RIPE SUGAR TESTED RAINER CHERRIES, $3.99 lb. These, sat with other higher end fruits and vegetables; deep within the center of Seattle’s Pike Market.

I had a sample of two fire cherries…most impressive.

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Pictures of Today - the Unexpected Sunset

Pictures of Today – the Unexpected Sunset


Walking home, looking up in the sky..

And then, I think cool colors as I look up. But maybe I’ve seen all the sunsets in Seattle. That did not stop me from admiring the entire scene. Just let it sink in, I thought. But suddenly, rain! Yet, the sun is still out, giving the Needle a nice red hue as seen in the next pic.

Then, I reach home, as the rain pics up. And then, the sky more so lit up…

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Pictures of the Weekend - Dragon Fest 2014

Pictures of the Weekend – Dragon Fest 2014


Here are some pics of my brief visit to the annual Dragon Fest fair in Seattle, International District. I was trying out my new favorite lens (Canon 50mm f1.8 II)








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Picture of Today 7/12/14 - new lens!

Picture of Today 7/12/14 – new lens!


Space Needle again!

And, I bought a new lens for cheap (Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II). Here, I am just trying it out with distant scenery (about 15 min. walking distance away).

Very impressed with detail and clarity. This is no zoom, just a 1/3 crop of the pic taken from a rooftop. The bad part about the lens is in the up-close shots; amazing but very narrow and fixed (will have to get far back for a…

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Pictures of Yesterday 6/29/30

Pictures of Yesterday 6/29/30

Photo Jun 29, 12 13 25 PM (1)

Good times and cheers at the Seattle PRIDE Parade 2014, with Celebrity Grand Marshall, George Takei over there.

Here are a few other pics taken, from my decent iPad camera…

Photo Jun 29, 11 57 36 AM (1) Photo Jun 29, 12 02 41 PM (1) Photo Jun 29, 11 58 58 AM (1) Photo Jun 29, 12 16 33 PM (1)

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Picture of Today 6/26/2014

Almost below the Space Needle around 8:45&#160;pm today.. But the best of Seattle today is behind the Needle, and all above.

Picture of Today 6/26/2014

Almost below the Space Needle around 8:45 pm today.. But the best of Seattle today is behind the Needle, and all above.

Fremont Solstice Parade, Seattle 2014

Fremont Solstice Parade, Seattle 2014


I love a fun parade..

Especially one not pushed on by the big corporations, dominant messages of commercialism and shameless promotions. Also, there are no motorized vehicles, no animals, no company logos. Here, is the good ol Fremont Solstice Parade, in north Seattle. The annual event is produced by the Fremont Arts Council, with much funded support by the locals.

Check out some of the best of…

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Solstice Cyclists at the Fremont Fair, Seattle 2014

Solstice Cyclists at the Fremont Fair, Seattle 2014


Many naked, painted people on bikes rode by last weekend, adding tot he cheer to the new Summer Solstice. This was all part of a strange tradition of the great annual Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade. Here is more information from the wikipedia page:

“The event was started by streakers who crashed the parade. The first person to do so may have done so on a dare. Participants now emphasize…

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Happy New Summer…

Happy New Summer…

b (5)

Happy New Summer!

For many, the turn of season was happiest at the ol Fremont Fair, in northern Seattle. The day was sunny and the longest of all year (sunrise at 5:12 AM, sunset at 9:11 PM). Crowds of festive folk, parades, music, and deep fried anythings..everywhere. For me at times, I had to escape from it all, and rest here at Gasworks Park..the choice for peace and best view of the Lake…

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Picture of today 6/9/14

Picture of today 6/9/14


Observed during a stroll through Meadowbrook Lake, in the Lake City district of North Seattle.

I think this is a blue heron (looks much like the example on the nearby guide chart). However, a local and another bird lover told me this was not a blue heron.

Either way, I like this bird.

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Picture of Today 6/7/14

Picture of Today 6/7/14


Space Needle of Seattle,

about 9:30ish, after sunset.

A little windy, but not to cold.


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Picture of Today 6/6/14

Picture of Today 6/6/14



She listens, with eyes closed. Echo was a nymph, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses; the source of many Greek myths. She had a lovely voice, eventually reduced by Hera, who felt bothered Echo was distracting away from Zeus’s promiscuous affairs. So as punishment, Echo’s voice was cursed to only repeat the last word of another.

Now she is in Seattle, as a giant 46-foot head overlooking the Puget…

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Pictures of Today 5/26/14

Pictures of Today 5/26/14


All in a good day, with extra special added to the established special..

This Memorial Day, I enjoyed the annual Seattle Folklife Festival, with a kaleidoscope and my cheap smartphone camera (and first posted on Instagram).

The festival was nice; a huge annual event in Seattle, where musicians of a humble variety performed in different spots all near (some on stage, rooms, sidewalks) and play…

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